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Gallery #10



"The Night of Protozoans":abstract, biological, organismic pattern, monochrome,monotone, repetition, repeated pattern, allover, acrylic painting
"Green and Red Distorted Grids" : abstract geometric distorted grid pattern, complementary colors. distortion, distorted pattern, complementary juxtaposition, abstract geometric pattern, wet, glossy grooved linear pattern, abstract acrylic painting
"Dark Red Bark": abstract natural texture pattern ,natural linear pattern,  botanical abstraction, tree bark pattern, abstract tree surface layer, bark texture painting, abstract natural scene, natural symbolism, acrylic painting
"Chocoholic Diamond Pattern" : abstract geometric interior wall pattern painting, diamond pattern, abstract wall texture, geometric symbolism, impasto pattern, chocolate color, lozenges, pattern symbolism, decorative, ornamental pattern, acrylic painting
"Minimal White Bands" : white minimalism, subtle white pattern painting
"The Seventh Voyage of Synbad the Sailor":  One thousand and one nights, Arabian nights theme, geometric fragmentary blue shade pattern, geometric cubism, abstract cubism, classical literature theme, abstract seascape, abstract blue sea scene, acrylic painting
"Blue at Anchor": blue and white, monotone, geometric abstract landscape, seascape, oval pattern landscape, geometric abstract pattern, blue oval pattern, abstract round shaped cubism, abstract monotone,  abstract seascape, abstract ships, abstract landscape, abstract seascape, abstract vessels, acrylic painting
"Children's Corner ( Debussy )" : classical piano music theme, abstract thick line monochrome pattern, abstract daily scene acrylic painting



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