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Gallery #11



"Tropical Red Cells": abstract tropical red, abstract fruit, abstract cell pattern image, abstract red pattern, natural pattern, color symbolism, abstract pattern acrylic painting
"Yellow Rectangular Landscape with folds": geometric landscape blue and yellow complementary color painting, abstract natural pattern symbolism, rectangle, serene landscape, abstract yellow, abstract landscape with a rectangular element, abstract natural symbolism painting
"Abstract Blue Leaf Veins" : Abstract botanical leaf pattern, abstract natural pattern, allover pattern symbolism painting, blue monochrome, abstract blue art, blue color symbolism painting, abstract blue leaf texture, leaf vein pattern, line patterns, thick lines, abstract expressionism, abstract leaf, lyrical blue abstraction, acrylic paining
"Blue Square Fan Pattern": geometric square symbolism painting, geometric symbolism, square, geometric cubism, geometric pattern, blue color symbolism, repetition, accumulation pattern, repeated pattern, blue moonstone, monochrome art, acrylic painting
"Red Forest Mutations ( The Radioactive Mutations of Trees, Plants and Animals)": The Chernobyl Zone, dark surrealism painting, world environmental theme, abstract red mutating flora and faura painting, radioactive debris scene, abstract disastrous forest scene, abstract ecosystem painting
"The Green Earthquake": abstract earthquake, seismic wave pattern painting, abstract landscape, geological theme, abstract underground, abstract straight line pattern, green painting, abstract raw art, acrylic painting
"Machu Picchu, the Ancient Lost City of the Inca Empire ": black and red, aerial abstract ancient cityscape painting, rectangular allover geometric pattern, dark red ancient architectural pattern, abstract architecture, stone building symbolism, abstract map, abstract red, historical sanctuary theme, acrylic painting
"Gradual Green Fogs": abstract meteorological weather symbolism painting, abstract cell allover pattern painting, green color symbolism, gradual color value coordination painting, abstract green, abstract weather, abstract cellular pattern symbolism, acrylic painting



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