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Gallery #13



"Blue Iris Bouquet Pattern": abstract blue flower pattern painting, abstract blue floral repetition, repeated pattern, expressionism flowers, flower symbolism, pattern symbolism, allover pattern, blue color symbolism, botanical pattern, acrylic painting
"Abstract Three Columns of The Ancient Temple": abstract architectural symbolism, abstract architecture, mythological symbolism, archaeological theme, vertical pattern, light symbolism, ancient, architectural symbolism, number 3 symbolism, Greek, Roman theme, religious symbolism, acrylic painting
"The Black Wall on the Desert": Contemporary Architectural abstract symbolism painting, weird strange artifact, surreal architecture, abstract black wall, architectural surrealism, odd building
"Natural Gothic Cliff": natural theme, natural gothic theme, dark abstract landscape, vertical natural pattern, abstract nature, acrylic painting
"Isolated 16 Red Squares": geometric square pattern painting, dark red colorful gothic pattern, abstract texture painting, geometric symbolism, square symbolism, red color symbolism, color symbolism, complementary color pattern, geometric symbolism, pattern symbolism, geometric expressionism, square symbolism, dark blue, dark purple, dark red color acrylic painting
"The Colorful Trunk of the World Tree": abstract complementary color pattern tree trunk botanical symbolism painting, abstract psychedelic pattern, abstract natural symbolism, natural pattern, abstract nature, colorful tree acrylic painting
"Triangular Colorful Invaders":abstract colorful triangle repetition geometric pattern painting, geometric symbolism, repeated triangles, colorful pattern,  geometric pattern symbolism, abstract geometric acrylic painting
"Fewer Stars and Stripes": abstract stripe pattern distortion painting, abstract expressionism flag stripe pattern, light symbolism, astronomical symbolism, thick line pattern, distorted flag, abstract national flag symbolism, acrylic painting



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