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Galleries #1 - #9

( total 25 pieces)





Golden Phases : Japanese Traditional theme, abstract landscape, phase pattern painting
"Golden Atlantes" :greek mythological theme, architectural symbolism, abstract human figure, abstract metallic gold line pattern painting
"Japanese Elastic tradition":new Japonism, abstract soft line pattern, Japanese traditional pattern abstract painting


















"Landscape Fractions"
"Japanese White Pine": Japanese abstract tree painting, white botanical pattern, abstract line expressionism
"Landscape retoring itself":abstract Japanese landscape, divided natural scene, abstract Japonism, abstract nature pattern, nautral phases painting


















"Three Curves and Green Belt":Japanese medieval art Kano school style abstract wall art pattern painting, abstract natural scene, abstract Japonism


"The New Life" Dante, 'La Vita Nuova' : light symbolism, literature theme, abstract gold color, juxtaposition, metallic gold color, radiation, light symbolism acrylic painting

"Tokyo Metropolis" : abstract Tokyo scene, abstract cityscape, abstract urban pattern, abstract line pattern, fragmentary pattern, abstract painting


















"Black and White 3 Abstract Caryatides": ancient greek architectural symbols, abstract human figure, female body symbolism, abstract vertical figures, human body form pattern
New World Map : geometric oval symbolism, abstract map gold bronze silver metallic color painting 2004
"The Column of Golden Light": abstract light symbolism, abstract light, gold, metallic, light pattern, luminous white light, architectural symbolism, vertical


















"The Inheritors of the Dark Earth": abstract symbolism, abstract dark painting, dark surrealism, abstract bronze color, earth, ground theme, symbolism painting
"Gold and Black Japanese Checkered Pattern" : japanese traditional, geometric checkered pattern, painting, abstract ornamental ,acrylic painting


"Their Second Sun":abstract graffiti pattern, abstract line painting, abstract line narrative pattern, ornamental lines



















"Abstract Three Caryatides": abstract ancient architectural symbolism painting, abstract female figure, abstract human forms, abstract expressionism, monotone, acrylic painting


"A Pair of African Female Dancers" : abstract line movement pattern, abstract expressionism, female dancing pattern, abstract expressionism


"The Influx of Yellow Glacier": abstract landscape, abstract glacier scene, abstract light symbolism, abstract natural scene



















"Abstract Blue and Yellow Circle Dance" : abstract geometric circle line pattern, dancing movement painting, abstract motion, abstract geometric symbolism painting


"Primitive World map" : abstract map, abstract earth pattern, earth image, abstract map symbolism, acrylic painting


"Abstract Ancient Scripts": abstract graffiti pattern, abstract letters, primitive script pattern, ancient script image, abstract painting



















"A Study for 'The column of golden light' " abstract light symbolism, luminous gold light, white light symbolism, abstract painting


"Three Columns of White Light": abstract light symbolism, white light symbolism, abstract vertical light pattern painting, acrylic painting


"The Geometric Base of Light Column ": abstract light luminous symbolism, abstract geometric symbolism, geometric light pattern, acrylic painting



















"A Study for New Life" ; :abstract radiation pattern expressionism, brush stroke pattern painting