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bugs, insects, small animals, etc.



#9693 "Emperor Moth"

Emperor Moth : abstract animal,insect, bug symbolism painting, natural surrealism, moth flight captured in motion, abstract  wing texture pattern, acrylic artwork #9693, 2011 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9461 "The Blue Cicada"

The Blue Cicada :New surreal realism insect symbolism painting, abstract bug, expressionist art, insect realism, insect texture pattern, acrylic painting #9461, 2011 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9434 "The Psychedelic Dragonfly in Paradise"

The Psychedelic Dragonfly in Paradise : colorful symmetrical insect expressionism theme painting, winged, bug, living thing, acrylic painting #9334, 2011 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9356 "Madame Butterfly"

Madame Butterfly : new expressionist portrait painting based on the opera by Puccini, Italian opera, contemporary Japonisme, classical music theme, Puccini's most popular and moving opera character portrait, abstract butterfly, Asian woman, acrylic painting #9356, 2010 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9190 "Something Evil This Way Comes"

Something Evil This Way Comes : black and white surreal sequential art painting, Japanese four-frame manga style, four frames in sequence, surreal comic style painting, black and white, surrealism, storyboard pattern, subcultural style acrylic painting #9190, 2010 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9164 "Abstract Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"

Abstract Landscape with the Fall of Icarus :black and white abstract surreal landscape painting, Greek mythical figure, mythological, literature theme, abstract human figure, black abstract bug, creature, a theme from Pieter Bruegel the Elder, black and white surrealism painting #9164, 2010 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#9098 "The Human Spider"

The Human Spider : black animal dark surrealism, abstract black, black animal portrait, black and white symbolism, black bug, eerie, uncanny, odd, human metamorphosis, abstract human body form, acrylic painting #9098, 2009 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#8626 "The Resolute Grasshopper"

The Resolute Grasshopper :New, Japanese pop art, surreal insect head theme Japanese contemporary expressionism, personified grasshopper head painting, insect face portrait, odd, strange bug face, surreal face, mask, insect personification, animal symbolism, surreal expressionism, complementary color facial portrait, acrylic painting #8626, 2009 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#8325 "The King of Bugs"

The King of Bugs : New, bug (arthropod) symbolism, odd, strange insect symbolism painting, monotone, expressionism, surreal realism, surrealism painting, animal symbolism, contemporary realism, personification, rough brush stroke pattern, acrylic painting #8325, 2009 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#8281 "Blue Human Chrysalis"

Blue Human Chrysalis : new, human metamorphosis, transformation, mutation theme painting, abstract human body form, abstract human figure, blue monotone monochrome painting, abstract human expressionism, human body symbolism, spiritual, religious human form, abstract surrealism, acrylic painting #8281, 2009 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#8148 "White Butterfly"

White Butterfly : abstract butterfly, white color symbolism, black and white symmetrical odd wing pattern, abstract bug insect symbolism, acrylic painting #8148, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#7373 "The Giant Cave Ant"

The Giant Cave Ant : New, abstract realism, black and white living thing painting, animal, insect symbolism, abstract ancient cave style realism, impromptu, improvised, rough brush strokes, abstract symbolism, acrylic painting # 7373, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#7357 "The Fly Head "

The Fly Head : New, surreal realism, contemporary black and white realism, insect theme black and white animal, insect symbolism, surrealism, facial expression, magnified fly face, head image, acrylic painting #7357, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#7101 "Muse in a shell "

Muse in a shell: New black and white surreal  female face, balck and white surrealism, mythologcical goddess of art,odd, strange, weird acrylic painting # 7101, 2008 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




The Perfect Butterfly ( The Emergence)



#6036   "Bugs in chorus "

Bugs in chorus




#6019   "Black Moth"

Black Moth




#5999   "Purple Moth "

Purple Moth




#5980   "Gold Bug "

Gold Bug




#5956   "Yellow Butterfly "

Yellow Butterfly




#5727   "Graceful Red Butterfly "

Graceful Red Butterfly : contemporary, graceful, exquisite, abstract insect painting, ornamental, decorative,  beautiful butterfly painting, ornate, red color symbolism, color symbolism, bug symbolism, animal symbolism, abstract insect, colorful acrylic painting #5727, 2006 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#5662   "The Territory of Hungry Caterpillars "

The Territory of Hungry Caterpillars : abstract insect movement pattern, abstract natural notched pattern, abstract natural scene painting, abstract bug, insect, living thing,  abstract expressionism, abstract pattern expressionism, acrylic painting #5662, 2006 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#5431   "Colorful Cobwebs "

Colorful Cobwebs : abstract expressionism, colorful, movement, dynamic, ambiguous elements, nature, natural scene theme, abstract acrylic painting #5431, 2006 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




#4553   "Black Tarantula"

Black Tarantula : abstract bug symbolism, black brush stroke pattern, minimal expressionism, abstract animal, dark animal, dark symbolism, abstract arthropod symbolism, abstract black, abstract movement pattern, pattern symbolism, acrylic painting #4553, 2009 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum




pas158 "Abstract Pastel Green Bee"

Abstract Pastel Green Bee :abstract graffiti, line pattern pastel insect symbolism painting, abstract bee, bug symbolism, abstract bee, green line drawing, thick line pattern abstract living thing pastel painting pas158, 2003 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum















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<A> abstract allegory abstract animals abstract architecture abstract blue abstract cityscape abstract cubism abstract dance abstract expressionism abstract expressionism 2 abstract flowers abstract green abstract human figures abstract impressionism abstract abstract landscape abstract love abstract map abstract mask abstract narrative abstract natural pattern abstract natural scene abstract plant abstract purple abstract raw art abstract realism abstract red abstract sky abstract solid abstract still life abstract surrealism abstract symbolism abstract texture abstract weather abstract white abstract yellow aerial perspective agricultural allegorical allover ambiguous symbols American amphibian anatomical ancient angel animal body form animal symbolism animals animism anthropological apparel Arabian archaeological architectural architectural symbolism areas arthropod Asian assemblage astronomical symbolism astronomy athlete autumn awesome <B> barbarous beasts beautiful biblical biological birds birth black and red black black minimalism black and white 1 black and white 2 blue blue and red blue and yellow blue color symbolism blurring body curves body movement body parts bold botanical brilliant brown brush strokes Buddhism bugs buildings bust butterfly black and white realism black and white surrealism <C> calligraphy caricature cave cells character chiaroscuro child Chinese Christianity circles cityscape classical cold color fields color perspective color symbolism colorful comparison complementary colors composition concentric conceptual contemporary Japonism contemporary symbolism conversation copies after masters country life crack criminal crying cubism curves <D> daily life dance dark and light dark dark symbolism day debris deformation deforme detailed diamonds digital dim distortion, distorted dog dusk dynamic <E> early works earth colors earth ecological eerie Egyptian elaborate elements emotions entrance epic European evenly painted area evil evocative exotic experimental expressionism expressionism 2 exterior extreme eyes eye symbolism <F> fabric faces facial expressionism facial expressions facial symbolism faint fairy tale family fauvism female body symbolism famel symbolism fierce figurative figurative 2 fire, flame fish floating, flying flow, flowing flowers forest, woods forms found object four-footed fractal fractions fragmentary frames French full-length future <G>garden geographical geometric geometric 2 geometric expressionism geometric patterns geometric raw art geometric symbolism ghost glossy god gold gorgeous gospel gothic graceful gradation graffiti Greek green and red green grisaille grotesque ground <H> handwriting handwriting lines hard lines head hell hexagons hidden images Hinduism Hispanic historical horizontal horizontal noise horses human affairs human body movement human figures human figures 2 human body form human nature humorous <I> icons imaginary impasto impressionism impromptu improvised inner innerscape interior insects irregular forms Islamic Italian <J> Japan Japanese culuture Japonism Jewish joyful juxtaposition <L> landscape landscaping latest 10 paintings Latin American legendary life scenes light light symbolism line expressionism line patterns lines liquidity literature living things love lyrical abstraction <M> male body symbolism man and animal man and woman man mandala manga map mask masses massive mathematics medical medieval melting mental merging colors metallic metamorphosis meteorological Mexican microscpic minimal symbolism minimalism monocolor monotone monsters monumental moon morbid moring mosaic moutains mouth movement muscular music mutation mysterious mysticism mythological <N> naive expressionism naive naive surrealism narrative natural elements natural pattern natural scene natural symbolism neocassicism night night symbolism north number 2 number 3 number 4 number symbolism numerous <O> oblique obscure odd creatures odd odd things oozing optical orange organism ornamental ornate outdoor oval overwhelming <P> pagan pale colors pale partial pastel pattern (lines) pattern symbolism patterns people personification perspective philosophical physiological piles pink pointillism political pop art pop surrealism portrait posture primary colors primitive pseudo 3D psychedelic pure purple <R> radiation rain random elements raw art realism rectangle red reflection regional relics religious religious surrealism religious symbolism repetition reptile Roman rough routes <S> sacred scary scientific scribble sculptural sea seascape seaside seasonal semi abstract serene sfumato shade ships silver size perspective skull sky and ground sky soft lines solemn solid solitude sound Spanish spiral spiritual splashes sports spring square stains static still life stone straight lines streetscape stripes strong structure subculture subtle suburban suggestive elements summer sunlight supernatural surreal expressionism surreal realism surrealism surrealism 2 symbolic elements symbolism symbolic signs symmetrical <T>tachism texture thick lines torso traditional tragedy tragic tree triangle trompe l'oeil tropical <U> ugly undulation unidentified objects urban <V> vampire variation vertical Viragn Mary visionary <W>wall warfare warm colors water waving way weak lines weather wet whimsical white wnite minimalism white color symbolism window winged winter woman woman, lying <Y> yellow yellow color symbolism youth <Z> zen




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